No need to worry! We are committed to ensuring a 100% nut-free product.
All natural, wholesome and pure. Baked the traditional style to make bubbie proud.
Our certified kosher biscotti allows everyone to enjoy this delicious delight.
A delicious snack for the Celiac population, or for those who believe gluten free to be a healthier way of eating.

All Original flavours are lower in fat, lactose-free and nut-free*
Cinnamon Crunch
Lemon Poppyseed Crunch
Chocolate Marble 
Mounds of Premium Belgian Chocolate on top of our signature biscotti!
Belgian Chocolate Marble Crunch 
Belgian Red Velvet
Bubbies Biscotti has created a great tasting way to enjoy a crunchy and delectable biscotti, while being Gluten Free.
Wellness Bites
Chocolate Chip
Belgian Chocolate Marble

A hint of cinnamon with a light crunchy bite.

A light and refreshing snack!

Chocolate and vanilla wrapped together for a great taste sensation.


Mounds of premium Belgian chocolate on top of our ever so popular chocolate marble crunch.

Premium white Belgian chocolate, drizzled over our trendy red velvet biscotti.


GMO Free Gluten Free Egg Free 100% Natural

Rich tasting chocolate chips in a crunchy gluten free biscotti.

Our signature Belgian chocolate meets gluten goodness.

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